Monday, December 04, 2006

Here's the mailout for yesterday....

right then, where shall we start this Sunday's dose of downloads?
How about the sublime "Building Steam With a Grain Of Salt" by DJ Shadow to get our heads in the right place?
Remember last week's Neiles Life blog post? Well, the blogosphere is full of similar posts, as people reflect on the songs/albums of the's another: The Delays, one of the most criminally overlooked albums of the year:
(and keep that site on your favourites, there's more on the way)
Regular readers of this mailout will now that Girl Talk have been one of my artists of the year.....and here's a Girl Talk remix of Peter Bjorn and John :))))))
Now, this is GREAT STUFF.....some of the extra tracks from that huge Clash singles box-set......
One of the odd things about the blogosphere is that it seems to be psychic....I've been listening to "How I learned To love The Bootboys" by The Auteurs all week long...thinking "how come no-one EVER mentions this?"
Then someone does.
*spooky music*
Buried in amongst a mixed bag of Xmas tunes (bleeee!) is the tricky-to-find "Wassailing Song" by Blur...
Changing tack a about some LTJ Bukem?
Time to plug some future talent, I think........Pull Tiger Tail are one of those bands who'll be HUGE in 2007, mark my words....they're in here........
Actually, my other tip for the top is this lot:
(not a download, just a myspace profile, but check 'em out, they're BRILLIANT)
And one more..........Does It Offend You Yeah?
And, from the same blog, here's a post which includes one of the RECORDS OF THE YEAR. that's not an idle boast, it's the truth. Have a listen to "Phantom Limb" by The Shins and then try to tell me it's not a work of utter genius. Go on, I dare you.
(the ending just KILLS me, every single time.)
Here's a great post: songs that were in "American Psycho" but didn't make it onto the soundtrack........
Huey Lewis! Robert Palmer! Ofra Haza!.......go on, scratch that 80's itch.........
Are you a Pearl Jam fan? This post is the greatest xmas present for you, EVER. All the tracks from their Christmas singles!!!! (about 30 tracks in all......)
OK, here's one of my favourite records of all time: Richard Hell's "Blank Generation" I remember buying this in a record shop in Windsor in 1978, there's seldom been a week that's passed since without me listening to it at least once.......
Let's finish with an odd cover shall we? Flaming Lips doing "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Right, that should do you for now..........more next week :)


Tim said...

You Sir, are a hero. My bro is going to go nuts when I show him all those Pearl Jam tracks!

Lawrence said...

Thanks for the link


iain said...

Hey Lawrence, no problem. Thanks for the blog...
I know what I do with the mailout thing seems to just be pointing people at other mp3 blogs out there, but one of the problems with Aggregator sites is they're a little non-specific, i like to cruise around the post for a while, find the good ones, then filter that down into a manageable chunk of hope is that people out there end up at blogs like yours more often, end up listening to a wider range of things....end up with better music in their heads.

Dea said...

ello there.

this is tinseltown of tinseltown fame.

fankoo for the pimpin.
glad you like our stuff.
how did you come across us?