Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Can you imagine riding a wave this big? There's a moment, just after the jet-ski let's the surfer go...when I SWEAR you can hear that little fart escaping...the one that only turns up when you're absolutely terrified :)
The other piece of Youtube GENIUS at the moment is this: you've got to get to the end for it to make sense, so stick with it.........
And this clip is great as well.....that's all we are: little bits of nothing. God is dead: Hail Satan

happy Xmas kids.

There is no Santa Claus.


skillz said...

Santa does exist! I saw him on the Circle Line last night, he was drinking special brew and then wet himself.

Tim said...

That reminds me of the old wave machine in Brentford Leisure Centre.

What happened to the dude on the jetski though!? How did he get away!?