Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Me, a bit refreshed.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Nick!! This one's for you! (again)

Mu-mu-mu-mu-music can only be sooooooooo baaaad......
Jesus and Mary Chain. ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL.

Another weekend gone....

And i'm now a DESK SLAVE! (eeeeep) well, at least for the next couple of weeks whilst I do the coding for the new streams on this upcoming xfm project (more about that soon) It's an odd felling being at a desk with a phone and a computer, with people all around me....the studio is, by comparison, such a solitary place...
The weekend also saw me DJing in Islington (i'm back there this Friday) and power-napping every chance I could get. Hurrah for noise-cancelling headphones.
Here's the mailout from Sunday:

Sunday! Hurrah! Rest, relaxation, roast dinner (mmmmmm, roast potatoes) and....downloads!
Where shall we start? with some Cat Power covers, I think......
And this lot of tunes is PERFECT for a Sunday....some conscious dub brilliance from Linton Kwesi Johnson, Britain's first "Dub Poet".
Rbally is one of the finest mp3 blogs out there, with content as good as this R.E.M gig from the "Green" tour, it's not difficult to see why......
How about some Faith No More? It was "We Care A Lot" that sold it for me on this post......
Old School hip-hop has found quite a home on the blogosphere, which is nice to see :)))))
Here's some BDK and Eric B....
for anyone reading my blog or checking out my Last.fm profile, you'll know that I'm currently OBSESSED with Brakes: the new album is just incredible and is never off the ipod, it's been the soundtrack to the end of my year. But here's a track off their first album "Give Blood" .......
How good is that Tom Waits collection that's just come out? ("Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards")
If there's anyone out there that doesn't know Tom Waits:
1) Shame On You.
2) Learn.
OK, a change of pace and style; some quality mash-up action from (IMHO) the best in the business, Go Home productions......
OK, hands up who's got a hangover? For all of you....some boozy boogie brilliance from Amos Milburn:
GREAT post with a total overview of Richard Ashcroft's career, from The Verve, through UNKLE, to solo stuff.......
Nice mixed bag of oddities, with Radiohead, TV on the Radio and some dubstep from Burial: http://foeweel.com/2006/11/two-zero-zero-6-memories-of-strings-in.html
AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!! Run for the hills! Covers of "last Christmas" (what were Jimmy Eat World thinking?)
Anyway, to finish, let's go from the ridiculous to the sublime. Neiles life is another one of those blogs which has gone from strength to strength in 2006, this round-up of the albums of the year will generate some SERIOUS traffic...
Bees, Sunshine Underground, Pearl Jam, guillemots, Battle, Magic Numbers, Hard-Fi, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.....
GET IN :))))))))))))))))
And one more before I go? OK, it's not a download, it's just a video, but it gives conclusive evidence that the punk wars were all in vain.
Oh. My. God. :((((((((((((
Howzat then? I'll archive the links on Westway (as always from now on) and you can always reach me there or via myspazzzzzzz
Hold it down,

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back in London.......

And checking out some wonderful 80's reggae on Youtube. Part 1 is here, with some wonderful popping chat from the one and only Papa Toyan, Part 2 is a little more bonged-out, but has Yellowman riding the mic in fine style. The riddims are what makes these clips tough, pure "junjo" Lawes on the board and Roots Radics on the grooves.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And more work on the site....

...means a new hit counter *points down* which is starting again from zero, obv.
I'm off to the south coast soon, more tomorrow.
EDIT: Aha! I learned how to mess with the counter and include all the old hits. Rah! And i've added an ipod-style display of my current tracks on the wonderful last.fm.

As if the song wasn't good enough already......

The video is just fantastic, too.
The album is getting better and better. BOTH the ballads ("No Return" and "Isabel" are just killing me at the moment)
Brighton tonight, and it's looking cold. I may have to bring the Parka out of mothballs. I always know when winter is on the way, I start to crave chillies.

Monday, November 20, 2006

And I also think I should let it be known...

That my little blog had its third birthday at the weekend :))
While we're on the subject of the weekend, here's the mailout for the downloads of the week, as featured on Sunday's show:

Hurrah! Sunday is here once again. and that means........downloads!
Where shall we start? How about something that is GUARANTEED to put a smile on your face? OK then , here's the original version of "I Fought The Law" http://katry.blogspot.com/2006/11/i-fought-law-bobby-fuller-four.html
Killer selection of remixes, the Gossip re-rub courtesy of Soulwax is a particular highlight....
And while we're doing remixes: Captain get the DFA treatment :)))))
One of the best new bands around are The Hidden Cameras....check 'em out here:
Hmmmm. Odd post raving about the return of the McRib (bleeeee), but giving us some live Pavement, from Reading in 1994. Ho hum.
Oh yes! This is what the weekend is all about.....a HUGE slice of funk!
One of the most influential bands of the 80's (and one that's often overlooked) The Cocteau Twins....
"Sugar Hiccup" is here:
(As well as a nice gohome productions mashup "Velvet Sugar")
...and still on that "Overlooked 80's" thing.....let's celebrate the return of the Sugarcubes shall we?
Britpop? you want Britpop? OK, not just Blur and Oasis, but Blur and Oasis and Travis Live :))))))
great post promising to make your wishes come true, and giving you some wishes in return ( that's a big YES for Pink Floyd, and an exasperated NO for Phil Collins)
OK, time for some kitsch brilliance, forgive me..........
this post is just the sort of thing I think we should see more of on the net....go see a gig, then review it online, with handy MP3's from the artists involved. Rah!!!!
So....CSS/1990's/Rogers Sisters
Right, here's a mixed bag of quality stuff (Joanna Newson, Depeche Mode, Rufus Wainwright, the AMAZING Silversun Pickups, Iggy Pop, death Cab and more)
And I think we should end by going off on a tangent.....Legendary drummer Buddy Rich brings it all to a close.
Enjoy :))))))
Actually, just before I go.........this link won't stay up for long, so enjoy it while you can...here's THE WHOLE FILM of "Cars" (The pixar thing....) on google video :))))))))))))))
As ever, more in seven days time.

This guy is REALLY creepy...

...but worth chatting to.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Last night then.......

*points down*
Palace Fires were great, there's an easy, confident aura about them as a band, still makes me wonder why they're not bigger than they are; the album's great, they're great, period. It seems to me they're just one TV ad, one appearance on a soundtrack, one lucky break away from making it work.
On the subject of gigs, look who made it onto youtube. That was our biggest ever crowd, at the Hollywood rock festival in Brazil. Estimates on how many people we played to vary from 100 to 250 thousand people. Bloody hell. I'd love to see the rest of this gig make it onto youtube, there's a corking version of "What Would You Know" on it.....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mmmm, nice...

This is wonderful: 30 minutes of Mingus.....
Him and his band look absolutely *perfect*, like the S1W's of Jazz.......
Off to see Palace Fires tonight at the Metro, report to follow tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hurrah for Risotto!

Free range chicken, asparagus, chestnut mushrooms.......and arborio rice from the best little Italian deli in London.

Oh, and one more thing.....

You've probably noticed, i've updated the blog a little, some new links and content stuff *points right* and some new functionality as far as comments and feeds go.....
Any thoughts?


I've sorted the links in the previous post, so it *should* work OK. Lots to be done today, off to visit my V/O agent, a little bit of shopping in the MVE, might pop into Cuts as well (i'm currently vacillating over the wisdom of having my hair cut short again) and a meeting with the new boss as well. If i'm up in Soho, i'll check out Berwick St. market again, got some wonderful Chillies yesterday and i'm on the lookout for some nice fresh wild mushrooms for a risotto *gets hungry*

Monday, November 13, 2006

What have I been doing?

Laughing a little too much over this..........
...and absolutely obsessing over the new Brakes album. At first I was unsure as to whether it was the equal of the first CD ("Give Blood") but now i'm pretty sure it's as good, if not better. There's a track on it called "No Return" which is genuinely the most heart-breaking thing you'll hear all year.
There's an MP3 blog post of the single "Hold Me In The River" right here.
While we're on the subject of MP3 blogs and the blogosphere as a whole, i've been featuring a "download of the week" mailout in my Sunday show on Xfm: essentially it's a round-up of all the blog posts that have been pulling my chain over the previous week.
Here's this week's.................
(cut and paste follows.....)
Ah, another Sunday, another mailout full of downloads......
Starting off with some of this, a little TECHNO MADNESS courtesy of CJ Bolland.....
(Just because the first links on the mailout tend to be bit mellow, and I thought i'd break with tradition)
You may remember last week I was musing on how the web was now the principal place to find bootlegs (and what a bloody good idea it was) Well, further proff of this comes in the shape of some quality Pearl Jam acoustic sessions.....
And while we're at it......Counting Crows get the same treatment.....
OK, a change of tack....
Cover Vs. Original, RATM Vs. Bambaataa.......
....and some more cover action as well, including Death Cab doing The Smiths, and Modest Mouse doing Slayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's a new Trail Of Dead album! Rah! It's streaming over at their Myspazzzzz or there's a couple of snippits here:
OK, it doesn't get much better than this..two of the greatest pop songs OF ALL TIME. Wreckless Eric, and The Only Ones (can we get that dreadful cover version taken OFF the phone ad? Jesus, it's dreadful)
(FYI, Wreckless Eric's parent are known as Wreckless Frank and Wreckless Doris, honest!)
Did you get a copy of the new Scritti Politti album? shame on you if you didn't...but fear not, you can hear what you're missing here:
I know the Jarvis album is getting ALL the plaudits at the moment, but let's bathe in a little bit of his glorious past shall we?
Right, remix time.....some great New Young Pony Club stuff....a great Wolfmother mix (which i think we may have done before, but if you haven't heard it, YOU NEED TO)...and more besides.....
Bloody Hell!!!! AMAZING post about the roots of punk rock....with musical evidence from The Velvets, The Voidoids, New York Dolls, Stooges and more.......
(sod 'em for the "England Steals all the credit" though, we just took a good idea and made it BETTER)
jefitoblog SHOULD be on your list of favourites by now.....if not, you'll be missing stuff like this KILLER Sabbath show from 1974

\m/ \m/
Nice varied post 80's stuff, Depeche Mode, New Order.....also contains Men At Work (eeeeep!)
another mixed-bag post...B-52's (the wonderful, if a little barmy "Wig") Beck, Dead Milkmen and more.....
And YET ANOTHER mixed bag finishes todays mailout, this one's a corker.....MBV, Nick Drake, Hood, Of Montreal......
enjoy 'em ALL.......
As ever, we do it all again in 7 days.....

So that's what you get.