Friday, December 23, 2005


So here I am, playing some Keane and posting more banality for you. OK, so what else have I been doing? Listening to the Gravenhurst album, mainly. If you wander back through the archives, I'm sure I gave them a nod around the time of the last release "Black Holes in the Sand" which included a wonderful cover of the Husker Du classic "Diane"....Well the new album is GENIUS: there's been an augmentation to the sound, fleshed out by a full band they now sound like a cross between Explosions in The Sky and Spiritualised, there's so much extra energy and tension, so much more drama and brooding violence. Violence seems to form a cornerstone to their canon: on the truly sublime "Animals" Nick sings of drowning and being drowned in a wistful way that chills me to the bone. It's lined up and waiting for me on the train ride home later.

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