Friday, December 30, 2005

Oh...forgot to give you this...

via the comments system (thanks purplesimon!) comes this: Clip Tip, which is a blog full of videos-excellent!

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purplesimon said...

Someone sent me an email saying you'd thanked me for the blog link. So, I came along to see and to let you know of another great blog you might want to check out.

It's an mp3 blog aggregator called

It looks slightly messy, but the search facility and links to amazing tunes are great.

Oh, I might as well say get over to Indie For Dummies, too. It's not in English, but I love this site as it's a gret resource for finding out about cool indie bands from around the world. It also has this handy "if you like this band you'll probably like this" feature. Oh, and it has links to mp3s so you can check out the bands before you buy.


purplesimon out...