Friday, December 30, 2005

Oh...forgot to give you this...

via the comments system (thanks purplesimon!) comes this: Clip Tip, which is a blog full of videos-excellent!

That Friday feeling........

Is upon me once more. Busy weekend, DJing over at the Academy for the Xfm bash, then nipping over to International Hi-Fi to do it all over again!
Today feels like the end of the cold snap; the snow turns to sleet, the sky fills with clouds and the hood on my parka finally drops from around my frozen ears. Hurrah!
And some truly wondrous stuff for you: beck covering Nick Drake.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I've just used that link *points down*

As "website of the day" on the show, which was great, haven't done that for a couple of years and it gave me a nice warm feeling to see people hadn't forgotten about mailing me for links....
I guess it may mean that i'll get a few more visitors to this blog as well, I better buck my ideas up and keep it updated, hadn't I?

Every now and again....

A link pops up which makes you get down on your knees and praise God for the intermong. This is one of those links: Best Music Videos of 2005. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Want to waste some time?

This is great: flags of the world given grades.
Absolutely beautiful morning, gazed out of the train window onto frozen fields dusted with snow, listening to Dusty Springfield and generally blissing out. One of the unfortunate christmas presents I recieved was a headcold, so i'm coughing and spluttering into the new year.

Monday, December 26, 2005

How was it for you then?

for me: family, festivities and frezing fog in the Wye valley, chestnuts in gravy, 1992 Chardonnay and fizz from Ditchling, cooking and sleeping, peace and quiet.
Talking of quiet, i'm back in the office for my shift...Christmas and the time between it and new year is always a bit of an odd one: never much to do, no-one else in the building....time to knuckle down, pick some tunes and forget about the world outside.

Friday, December 23, 2005


So here I am, playing some Keane and posting more banality for you. OK, so what else have I been doing? Listening to the Gravenhurst album, mainly. If you wander back through the archives, I'm sure I gave them a nod around the time of the last release "Black Holes in the Sand" which included a wonderful cover of the Husker Du classic "Diane"....Well the new album is GENIUS: there's been an augmentation to the sound, fleshed out by a full band they now sound like a cross between Explosions in The Sky and Spiritualised, there's so much extra energy and tension, so much more drama and brooding violence. Violence seems to form a cornerstone to their canon: on the truly sublime "Animals" Nick sings of drowning and being drowned in a wistful way that chills me to the bone. It's lined up and waiting for me on the train ride home later.


this week before Xmas is always a bit menkle, sorry i've been a bit lax with the updates (over-used blog cliche #1, I know...) it's been frenetic, but fun. Last night was Duran Duran at Earl's court...they rocked. Plus, they played "Hold Back The Rain" which was awesome. However, I now need to sleep for about a fortnight. But, as ever, no rest for the wicked, time to hit that studio- more later.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Paris at night....

Is beautiful.
Finally recovered from Winter Wonderland, slept like a log last night, but beset by dreams of the sea, strangely to the studio now, got to get that x-list sorted.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Utter brilliance from the local crew at the venue: the "Give-a-fuck-ometer" which recorded their varying reactions to certain situations on the night.... Posted by Picasa

Adam beside Editors guitars...all the usual suspects, Rickenbackers and Telecasters (black, natch) Posted by Picasa

Not the world's best photo, i'll freely admit, but that's Lauren about to introduce the Flaming Monkeys... Posted by Picasa

Here's a close-up of my DJ booth...look at the quality of those fairy lights! No expense spent! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Oooooooh, get me.....

Todays post is brought to you by the letters "W" and "Ireless" :)
Yes, I am at last free to blog and surf the interflid whilst I roam the vast expanses of my......tiny little studio flat. Oh.
Well, at least I can get rid of all the wires that surround the laptop, so that's a start.
It's a wet thursday in town, the weather has turned somewhat autumnal, after all the frost and ice of recent days... feeling slightly fragile today, as last night was the Gcap Xmas party.... memo to self: just because vodka and cranberry tastes nice, doesn't mean it must therefore be drunk by the bucketload.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Some groovy "point and click" visuals for you..

Here. It's Japanese, but just wait till it loads and click the screen........
Ok, so it's arty and highbrow...and perfect for webgeeks...I know all that.... if you just want some laughs, there's always this.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday night in Brighton....

Just cooked Duck breast with a caramelised red onion and redcurrant jus, served with spiced saute potatoes and shredded winter greens with bacon and cream......Oh and honey roast carrots as well.
Anyway, the weekend. Chelsea on Saturday afternoon, followed by a gig in Windsor. I nearly saw Howard Jones, but was actually there to see the support act, the wonderful Ms. Marling. She absolutely and totally rocked the place.
And today? Tax returns and cooking, a nap in the afternoon and a glass of Sauvignon to send me off to the land of nod. It's been a good 'un.