Thursday, May 20, 2004

It's been an odd day , today. Absolutely everything went wrong at work, culminating in the entire desk freezing up. Finished my shift in the old production suite for Capital FM on the 3rd floor- it's a tatty little studio, with it's only saving grace being the fact that it's got an analogue desk. Analogue is so much snappier than Digital: the segues and links become razor-sharp. I said, the studio had seen better days.
Then, all the email servers locked up and every printer in the building went off-line. By the time I left, I was fighting a rising sense of resignation and tension, allayed only by the purchase of some musical goodness from Fopp on my way home. Tonight is therefore full of Faust and might end up with me checking out "The Ice Storm". It's also a day which follows a night of restless sleep for me: i'm sure it's got a lot to do with the weather. I'm one of those people who seems to have in-built sensors to detect the moments when the weather swings between phases; hot to cold, high to low pressure. Today has seen the clammy heat of the last few days bottleneck itself into one of those situations where release is the only option. As I'm typing this, I can feel the temperature sinking like a stone: Thunder and Lightning can't be far off. Being so high up here, that's always a near biblical experience. The clouds are already fat with rain, heavy and brooding, the noise of the planes flying through them bouncing back to earth with greater intensity. They become more opaque as well: West London is wearing a wooly cloak of cloudy luminescence. I'm listening to Wim Mertens, sipping a Vodka and Coke, resigning myself to a long and peaceful sleep.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Absolutely immersed in all the This Mortal Coil CD's at the moment. *Drifts off to sleep in a state of advanced reverie*
I wish you all bliss. G'Night all.
Great night tonight, went to the BMG/Zomba pop quiz up in town (we came second) then got a taxi home. The whole of Hyde Park must have had its grass shorn today, the smell of grass clippings filled the cab as we sped past Lancaster Gate: it was actually quite intoxicating.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Been a busy couple of days, lots of gigs. Saw Keane over at the forum; but was solely in attendance to see the support acts: Thirteen Senses and Bell X1. Thirteen Senses were slightly hesitant, but then again, playing a big venue like that early on is always fraught with difficulty. Bell X1 were wonderful, their set containing one of the most magical pieces of gig theatre ever. To precis, singer starts to jump around the stage,falls over bass guitarists monitor wedge, lies on ground with legs waving in the air, continues playing, finally gets to his feet obviously mortified and the audience rewards him with a cheer of genuine love and affection. If you can make a total cock of yourself in front of that many people and look truly contrite, they'll love you forever.
Another voice-over booked for this evening (hurrah!) then it's off to meet Kirk in the Spanish Bar.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Sorry. I've been rather lax of late as far as updates go..but it's been an odd few days. first I find out that an old friend of mine died at the weekend, then another long-lost friend turns up. Bad news is, he's in jail. I'm really overjoyed to hear he's fine, but slightly humbled to be the only person chosen as a conduit to the outside world. It's all left me a little detached. Off to the Thirst bar tonight for some DJ action...then some sleep would be nice. *Sighs*