Thursday, April 29, 2004

Do guitars have souls?
Got my '74 Tele yesterday evening, it's the most wondrous thing i've ever owned. But, the strange thing is, it's a little bit tricky to play. The action is great, the neck is a dream... it's just...sort of involved. It's as if all those people who've played it before me have imprinted their musical knowledge into its DNA: as a real novice, I get knocked back by the guitar when I try and play it. All that expereince that's buried deep in the grain of it's body...seems to resist being unlocked by a mere chancer such as I. However, it's as I would have expected, this is a guitar with some serious history: i've got to treat it with some serious reverence and i'll get back so much more.
Great night last night, off to Death Disco. Wish I could remember it all. *takes some more resolve*

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