Monday, March 15, 2004

Back in London after a hectic few days. First up, Snow Patrol in Norwich: great gig, great night, appalling train service. The poor commuters on the line from Liverpool Street just looked resigned to their fate: as if an hours delay was a sad but normal occurrence. After the sheer luxury of the Virgin train to Birmingham, the rolling stock was a shambles, falling to pieces and looked exactly like the trains I caught to university in the 80's. The DJ set was a noble struggle which bore rich fruit: a tough hall to get going, but once they were up- no stopping 'em. The Kid Symphony tune in particular, sounded amazing over a big system. Jim Benner (Xfm co-promotions honcho) and myself made the fatal error of trying to prop up the hotel bar at 2am...The journey back the next day wasn't pretty. And we were delayed by another hour. Again. Gah.
Weekend? Well it ended up being a busy Saturday and a wildly loose Sunday. Met Lorraine and her son William for a pizza in the Lanes, then Louise and her daughter Lauren came over for afternoon tea. William liked Warhammer 40,000, while Lauren wanted to watch Tweenies. My mind was mush by the evening. Sunday was dominated by a pub lunch at the Pond in the North Laine with Sam and Pete....went back home and carried on drinking until evening, playing my guitar as I went. I have great callouses on my fingers and a very sore head. On my return to the City, TV crews were prowling round Embankment station, reporting on the increased police prescence to counter heightened fears of terrorist attacks. There were, of course, more TV reporters than Police. If we get attacked, at least the coverage should be great.

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