Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Busy exploring the shuffle facility on the ipod. As I type this, let's just quickly give the button a few presses and See where it takes us. The Kills, Larry Saunders, The Dickies, Lata Mangeshkar, Richard Hell, Beastie Boys, Sasha, Cecile, Syd Barrett, Culture, Beenie Man, Simon and Garfunkel (after Beenie Man? Genius!) The Saints, The Clash, The Sleepy Jackson, Big Black, Aphex Twin, Santana, Primal Scream, Lucinda Williams, Captain Beefheart.
So there you go. 21 random tunes. Only another 3000 to go.
Last night was the first of this weeks DJing appearances, helped greatly by the decision not to get absolutely blootered. Xfm party tonight. Will I be the same model of restraint? Let's see shall we?

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