Friday, December 05, 2008

You can crawl, you can walk, you can beg or you can talk....

Went to a number of Pubs last night, the first being The Fisherman's Arms in Willesden to see The Jez. Bless 'im he's currently nursing a couple of broken bones (which explains the title of this post, for the JJ obsessives out there) namely his ribs. He managed to fall off his bike at the weekend, poor bugger. He was fairly chipper, considering, just a bit desperate to get out of the house. At one point he had to sneeze, and the pain nearly knocked him of his bar stool. However, the Jez continued to bravely drink his pint. What a trooper.
Then off to The Paradise, which was RAMMED :( Not sure why, might have been something to do with Comedy night going on upstairs, but it was full as I've ever seen it. So, after a swifty, it was off to the William The IV (or the Wiv, as it's obviously known) round the corner. Much more room to stretch out and enjoy. Hurrah!
Looks like being quite a busy weekend, kicking off tonight with an Xmas party over in Chelsea. Bring it on!

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Kev said...

"Smile, smile, smile, while the glory days are here..."
Good to see you back blogging, all the best for 2009, hope to see you sometime during it.