Wednesday, December 03, 2008

London by night.

See the Centre Point tower? That's where I was last night. There's a new member's club on the 32nd floor, Paramount, and I was up there for a friend's leaving drinks. The view is simply incredible - the whole of London laid out in front of you, in all its twinkling, late-night beauty. The London Eye, the marvellous roof of The British Museum, the Post Office Tower (it'll always be that for me - never the "BT Tower" - pah!) ......
You can walk all the way around the tower, watching planes drift overhead on their slow descent into Heathrow, see snaking lines of buses crawl along Oxford Street, see the spoke-like roads of Seven Dials bursting out into Covent Garden. It made me proud to live here, happy to recognise so many wonderful places, wistful at the memories that the views brought to mind.

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Ctelblog said...

"Post Office Tower"! Noob. It'll always be "GPO Tower" to me. ;)