Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last night....

Was quite hectic, actually. Straight from work to the O2, to watch Coldplay live, then DJ at the Indigo, for an after-show party. The venue is simply stunning (though not very rock'n'roll) and the gig was actually great (so many hits!) but, for me, it was all about getting back behind the decks again. It's been a while since I did one of those "first friday" sort of sets, and I had SO much fun! Can't wait to do it again - and that may happen next year, if all goes well. I'll keep you all posted.
Today is interesting too - actually had an Jesus Jones interview! It's for the NME, part of a piece they're doing about bands from our era who are still going (eep!) First time we've done an interview for the music press in many, many years. Was great to get all of us in one place again (minus Al, of course) and we actually seriously discussed the possibility of recording an album next year too. Again, i'll keep you posted.
Tonight sees me heading down to Brighton, as i'm getting jabs for the forthcoming holiday done tomorrow morning.
Have I told you all about the holiday? Ah, ok. I'm going to be here:

For two weeks, starting boxing day.

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Rob said...

It's posts like that Iain that make JJ fans very excited!!! Happy Xmas and a may you have a jolly new year when all the not-so-nice stuff is out of the way. Cheers, Rob