Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A wet Wednesday in October.

Just the sort of day I used to try and bunk off school when I was a kid. I would feign a cold, or some sort of lurgy, and impress upon my parents that under no circumstances should my puny immune system be subjected to the rigours of a walk to school, let alone an entire day at the aforementioned establishment. To my shame, this tactic normally worked, and, with my sisters cries of "but he's not ill!" ringing in my ears, I would eagerly listen to the noise of my parent's cars disappearing off down the drive: I was free!

A day off school is simply one of the best days ever, you're free to lounge around in your pyjamas, watch unsuitable telly (don't forget, this is the mid-70's, so that actually means "Pebble Mill At One"), eat what you like (endless glasses of Lemon Squash and as many Rich Tea Biscuits as I could scoff) and the glorious, lazy hours of absolute inactivity. I would lie on the sofa, doing nothing. Sit on my bed, doing not much. Lie spread-eagled on the bedroom carpet, doing bugger all. Bliss.

But the thing which really sealed the deal for me was my dad's hi-fi. I was now its Master. I could turn the huge Sony amp (a TA 1150!!) up as far as I dared, and play whatever I wanted. My Dad had put all of his Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel onto Reel-to Reel tapes at the start of the 70's so that would always be a starting point, but from 1976 onwards, the best thing to play on a day off was always "New Rose"; with the empty house reverberating to those opening voodoo drums, whilst I sat at the foot of the stripped pine stairs (very 70's) and marvelled at the power, and the naughtiness of it all.


Anonymous said...

The only chance of a day off was if it rained hard enough to get soaked going acros Rosehill Park West!! Even had to go in when I had my whole leg in plaster, father gave me a lift everyday..Grrrr and had a rubbish record collection. Dragged up on Glenn Miller, but did have a Peter Sellars 10" comedy jem 'Balham Gateway to the South' genius.

Suw said...

I never got to bunk off school by feigning illness. I was terrified of going to the doctors, so all my Mum had to do was threaten me with seeing Dr Sadler, and miraculously, I'd be well again. Even if I genuinely did have flu or chickenpox!

Of course, some days the school bus didn't come. Some days it did, but we were hiding in the hedge at the time...

Jb said...

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