Friday, May 02, 2008

More glum faces at Xfm....

As they've now reduced their weekly quota of local programming across the network by 25%. It makes me particularly sad, as I was one of the people who tried hard to put across how useful we'd be on a local level ( I'm thinking specifically of the work I did around the South Wales RSL) It's galling to see Xfm renege on its promises, but I suspect this process of harrying ofcom into accepting less and less of what Xfm actually set out to do, will continue, and may actually accelerate.

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Lauren W said...

I'm not surprised the listening figures have plummeted though. I still can't bring myself to listen and haven't done for some time. Clearly I'm not the only one... It depresses me that such an excellent innovative station has sunk to where it is now. Fools.