Monday, March 31, 2008


I shouldn't laugh really, but it's such a wonderful feeling to be proved right.
Xfm returns DJ's to its daytime schedule.
So, the "revolutionary experiment" is over. And for those of you out there who bought Xfm's excuse that it was all about giving power back to the listener, finding a new and exciting way to engage with the audience, all of that claptrap.....let me just tell you this: I can tell you, for a fact, that it was only done to save money. They did all of that, they destroyed the sound and the credibility of the station I loved so much, just to cut corners and save cash. May they rot in hell!
Actually, 2 of the people responsible for the disastrous XU have already found themselves redundant, so once the remaining culprits go as well....then I'll finally open that bottle of champagne and toast their departure. So long, suckers.


Adam said...

Blimey, looks like I 'might' be able to re-tune my DAB from 6music!

Mike said...

I agree with you with the money-saving excuse- Alex Zane went against the company policy on his show a few days ago and said that the first thing his boss said at the meeting where they announced the news was to say "I'll hold my hands up and admit it was a money-saving measure". What I don't understand is why they would save more money by ditching the daytime DJs as opposed to the graveyard shift DJ's - is the pay difference that dramatic?

iain said...

@adam, hey, not so fast! ;)
@mike, Alex said that? Bravo.

Adam said...

I only said 'might'...... Will deffo stick with Keavney for Breakfast but the office here as a whole is getting very annoyed with George Lamb.....

JAG said...

Was always going to happen. Still can't believe they've ditched so many go0d djs like yourself.

Haven't really given the new lot much of a listen, but pretty content with 6music (with the exception of George Lamb).

Will be interesting to see what happens now that Global have bought Gcap. I can imagine all of the other Xfms being kept, and more networked shows (ie. mid-mornings/lunchtime X-List). Don't hold much hope for the quality of music being restored though.