Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The fallout from the Oink shutdown has been interesting...

This is perhaps the most thought-provoking insight into how the site worked.
(original story here)


Chris Bray said...

Interesting article, I never used Oink but by the sounds of that it would have been just the sort of community I would have been looking for! Personally I don't really do much downloading of albums and stuff, preferring live sets and unreleased stuff etc. I tend to work on the principal of "if you can buy it, do so, if you can't it's no real harm to download it".

I am interested in your opinion of file sharing, downloads (both paid and unpaid) and these small closed community sites though Iain, as one of the recording artists these big organisations are supposedly trying to protect what do you think of it?

iain said...

I still think that downloads (and i'm thinking of unpaid downloads here) never merely result in a lost sale, they mean that a fan has been created. The traditional business model for the record industry is dead, it'll have to change- and if downloads force a rethink, then that's fine by me :)