Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's been a hectic couple of days!

But it's been really satisfying. I've created and updated the look of the Shadowglobe forum, and worked on all the other "satellite" areas of our Internet footprint. There's a Facebook group and a Twitter page, please feel free to add us!
Also today is tinged with sadness: RIP George Melly. I have fond memories of seeing him here in Soho, just standing on the pavement, outside a selection of classic Soho watering-holes, chatting to passing tourists and fans, all the time waving to all the cabbies who would pass by, leaning out of their windows to bellow "AWRIGHT GEORGE?"
He looked like he loved being here, but more than that, he looked like he belonged here, like he was a part of the city. London will be a little bit quieter without him (and sales of garish suits will fall as well, which is a great pity)

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Jesper Eriksson said...


Just wanted to write a line, and to thank you for a FANTASTIC site!!! I have tried out qite a few but nothing as good as Shadowglobe so far:-))
It's going to be exiting to see it grow over the floodgates!

Best regards and wishes: Jesper/The auto dropouts/Sweden