Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Attn. Vegetarians!

Red Bull has got MEAT in it. Or at least, "Meat Sugar" whatever the hell that is........
We're starting to get some really good stuff on Shadowglobe now, there's this: Rendle, who's got a song called "Sometimes" which is so insanely catchy I was convinced it had to be a major-label scam, but no, it appears to be the real deal. Whatever, it's a tune, and that's all that really counts. Then there's The Auto Dropouts, which rules as well, perfectly constructed sweeping pop brilliance. I'm loving the uncertainty of the whole thing, not really knowing what the next day will bring; what sorts of bands will join us and share their tunes-at the very least it's a truly interesting voyage, but at it's best? It leaves a giant grin on my face, and that's just fine by me. After the pain of the last few months at Xfm, where they were selling the brand down the river and neglecting the station's duty to find the great new music that's out there; it's a sweet feeling indeed.

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