Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's a momentous day today.

It's time for my last show on Xfm. Over the last few months i'd been increasingly marginalised at the station (which isn't really an issue, those of you with long memories will remember it's happened before) but there was somthing else: I'd stopped believing in Xfm. The tone of the station changed, it's ethos shifted, and certain elements of the content clashed with what I thought we should be representing.
So, it's with a heavy heart but a very clear conscience that i'm finally leaving.
There may be some of you that are wondering where i'll fetch up next....
Well, I can't really tell you exactly where it will be (there's a certain element of secrecy involved) but, a couple of points....
1) It's not another radio station.
2) It's got something to do with the web.
3) It'll be AMAZING.

There'll be URL's and e-cards soon, there will be explanations and exhortations to join me, but not just yet ;)
Any questions?


plecs appeal said...

sounds exciting. best of luck. and nice work being so honest! love plecsappeal

Tim said...

Hey Iain, I completely understand what you mean by Xfm changing, and I've found myself tuning over to other stations quite a lot recently. Still, I'm sorry to hear that you're leaving, but wish you the very best of luck with your mysterious new project!

Promo Monkey said...

Hey Iain, very sorry to see you go :-( What the hell is going on over there? Lauren, Richard Bacon, Lucio... all gone? Have the corporate buggers started getting their claws in? I've noticed those stupid ads playing trying to get people to text-in so that they can make 25p... not very X. What's the deal???? XFM is part of my life, but the downhill slide is... obvious.

iain said...

it's not what it was...that much is very clear :(

Promo Monkey said...

Dude, sorry to hear it. All the best for the future, mate. Maybe get yourself a voice over agent; Easy money in Promos ;-) Trust me!!

Anonymous said...

I just tuned in this morning and thought to myself 'well at least one of my favourite DJs is still here, I reckon he should have taken over one of the big shows rather than an annoying new boy (I won't mention his name)' and then I find out you're leaving. Sad as it makes me, I can totally see where you're coming from, xfm just isn't what it used to be. Good luck with your secret new venture.

Roger said...

Xfm has always (since it was bought out) been the pet puppy of the capital group. They try to rein it in but the listerners revolt. I fear this time it has broken the mainstream market and the needs and wants of the old listerners wont matter.
I hope there is a revolt and the mighty X stands proud once more.
But more importantly i wish you the best for all your future endevours. Thanks for the music.


Good Luck & Thanks
Regards Andy


Any Questions ?? .. Yes , You Don`t Need An Assistant Do You ? HeHe

Anonymous said...

i've been listening since the free tape on kerrang (97 i think).

natasha beddingfield on x? lets all go see sean on 6music :)


RMUTT said...

The stupidity of XFM never ceases to suprise me. They've lost their best DJ's and their ratings are falling - according to last week's 'Broadcast'. Connection?! XFM - Capital Radio II, just without the Kylie.

All the best for this new venture. Being in the same industry as 'promo monkey' below I testify that there's money in them there hills. I'll be in touch.

Anonymous said...

Complete shame but I think it's been building up for a while, right? Especially with the dull, repetitive playlist they use.

Good luck with everything and thanks so much for opening my eyes to some fabulous bands and music.

SandDancer said...

Just listened to your last show - so sorry you've gone. It seems now that pretty much any of the DJs who know anything about music have left the station. Its a terrible shame.

Good luck with your new project.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Iain. You played some good stuff today. London Calling used to get many plays on XFM it was great to hear it today.
I've followed Shaun Keaveney to 6 music.

alkiko said...

hey iain, i agree with you totally but ill really miss your weekend shows as i wake up with hangovers and just general "i dont want to get out of bed" feelings on sundays. and your mail outs too!! they're absolutely fantastic and i look forward to i am the resurrection on the weekend. it makes me get out of bed.

your show and xposure with john kennedy are why i listen to xfm. now richard bacon, lauren and you've left....
and i love how they didnt even say that lauren left.

its such a shame that xfm is changing. i find the playlist is overplayed and it actually makes me dislike bands ( i guess im a prime sample of "thou shalt always kill" but i do blame xfm for part of that)

anyway, good luck in everything you do and keep banging out those amazing tunes and i am the resurrection will forever be associated with sunday mornings and radio shows with the great iain baker.

you doing dj stuff soon?

Patrick said...

Hey Iain, good on you. Since the Capital/GWR merger, it's just not been worth believing in. I had a great deal of emotional attachment to the station as all through my mid to late teens it basically taught me about alternative music but changes to it, especially in the last 6-9 months, have made it so intolerable that I no longer listen. For what it's worth, I remember your old late night show...The Lock Up or something like that? Bloody brilliant that was.

Daniel Minty said...

I've been a big fan of xfm for the last 4-5 years and things have changed. you will be missed; not only me but i would have thought by the whole of xfm listerners. Please let me know what you are doing next when you can (sounds mysterious).

Chris Bray said...

Much respect for standing by your morals over your pay-packet.

It's sad to see X change so much over the last few months Lauren, Richard, yourself, how long will the remaining few last :(

Keep us posted with your new project as soon as it's public :)

Adam said...

Hi Iain

Can't say I blame you fella. Good luck for the future and cheers the the years of top tunes!


R.I.P Xfm, long live 6 Music!!

Anonymous said...

Xfm is crap now. Even Kerrang and Virgin Radio Xtreme have better music mixes.

Whose going to be next to go then?

I predict Adam Longworth to 6music.
Or maybe Camfield going elsewehere?

Sarah said...

It was a wonderful last show, and I will keep an ear out for your new project.

I read further down about Razorlight. They suck the soul out of you.

Alastair said...

Blimely, turn your back for a couple of weeks and the two best DJs leave what was once your favourite radio station.

I'm sorry I missed your last Xfm show and trust you'll go onto bigger & better things.

But most of all I'll like to thank you for a great show and for opening my eyes to the world of music blogs. I've even got my head round the joys of RSS.

As for Xfm what can you say? Its day time playlist policy has always been its weakest point IMHO...

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK IAIN ...., Even my Kids are saying X is not what is was (11 and 15).

Now you have gone not much point in listening

Lets meet up soon for that chat.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry you left Iain. I was sorry to see Richard go, and to see Shaun and Lauren go too. If Marsha leaves I'm going to scweam and scweam till I'm sick!! Good luck with "the project"

Rachel xx

purplesimon said...

Hey Iain,
It's been a while since I popped by, but needed to say that Xfm has lost it for me. I've been listening since it was a pirate station, I was at the concert way back in the mid-90s (Cure, Echobelly, et al) and apart from a time when I didn't live in London for two years I religiously had my radio tuned in.

I won a weekend in an MG from your show, numerous free albums and concert tickets and lots more. Made many friends, as I'm sure many others did. Including yourself.

I have to say that your point on Razorlight didn't go far enough - they are truly the devil's spawn and they write music-by-numbers. They are the new Coldplay. The new U2.

Anyway, I don't want to move on from what I was saying: Xfm has gone down the pan and until station bosses realise that fans of the station want new music, good music and non-commercial (to a point) focused bands. I wanted to hear Tapes n Tapes, TV on the Radio and a bunch of other music I wouldn't get to hear on any other radio station.

I knew it was failing when Alex Zane took over from Lauren. He might be a nice enough bloke, but this morning he was the worst breakfast DJ I've ever heard. It's radio devoid of personality. It makes me wonder if they'll let me have a go - I surely can't do any worse?

Then there's the plus side: you've moved on, as have others, and where you go (and others like you) people like me will follow.

All the best with any and everything that comes your way.

All the best

purplesimon out...