Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I love it when people fire off a great rant.......

Even more so when it's pertinent, well thought out and debunks every myth about having to buy new technology just for the sake of it.
Stop buying products that serve any other master than you.
Related: Don't bother with the iphone, either.
Today has been, if I'm honest, a singularly depressing sort of a day. The weather is closing in over my head; slate-grey and silver clouds teem with fat droplets of dirty rain, the roads are like shiny black snakes, squirming their oily curves beneath the river of cars trying to avoid the western limits of the congestion zone. Work is a tightrope walk between the technical back-end and the brand-management of the on-air strategy and I'm finding it hard to stifle my sighs.


neato said...

Im in ur 4n005, pushing in ur 5t00lz

iain said...


I'm in ur W3b business, hassling u 2 make widgetzzzz