Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Blogger seems to have recovered from its temporary brain-fart, and links are now possible once more. I've amended the mailout so the links work (phew!)
On the subject of links, i've been delving deeper into Web 2.0 and it's social-networking possibilities, but it's the explosion in aggregation sites that's making me excited....from Digg to Technorati, there are loads out there, but it's nice to see others emerge; and it's also nice to see that these new arrivals have still managed to find niches within which to establish themselves...
Here's my new favourite: BuzzFeed.

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Ashley Plath said...

thanks for the link in a previous post. Sorry to use yer comments for this, but I couldn't find your email address. delete after you've read it!

New url for Lessons From Things:

Dear friends,

I'm sending this message to everyone I know of who has been kind enough to link to and/or blogroll Lessons From Things.

In the last month or so, the original owner of owner of LFT has turned it over to me. Yesterday he deleted his email Gmail account, forgetting that it was tied to the blog. This resulted in the blog's disappearing, apparently beyond retrieval.

I have rescued LFT with most of the content that I created.
The blog is now at this URL:

If you could redirect your LFT links to this address it, would be very helpful.

My apologies for the confusion arising from this distressing turn of events. At least at the new blog address, "things" will be under my control!