Monday, December 04, 2006

Blimey, that was a busy week.......

And busy for all the right reasons this time, as I spent most of it encoding the digital streams for xfm's new website project....
It's a long and somewhat dull task (and it's not over yet) but, at the same time, there's something very satisfying about being so completely involved with most of the output of the station. Friday was another First Friday, so I was back at the Islington Acadamy; I was back there less than 24 hours later for Spear Of Destiny. Spear were in absolutely top form: Robin from Bush is now playing drums for them and he's such a powerhouse that the sound has become even more full and brooding as a result.
There were actually TWO gigs happening on Saturday, The Meteors were playing in the main part of The Academy; it was hilarious to see that their crowd hasn't changed all that much, though they seem to have ingested a large amount of pies. P.Paul Fenech is still a maniac, as irascible as ever. Was given a flyer upon leaving the venue for The Guana Batz and King Kurt doing a 25th anniversary show.
*Feels very old*

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