Monday, December 11, 2006

Another busy week.....

Loads of stuff going on: Winter Wonderland, obviously, at the weekend....the hightlight of which, for me, was The Feeling's cover of "Video Killed The Radio Star" , camp as christmas, but utterly beguiling. The noise of the crowd when Tenacious D stepped out onto the stage was absolutely seismic, I thought my ears were going to stat bleeding.....
But the real highlight of the week was Brakes, live at KCLSU; they were just absolutely spectacular, I had a grin a mile wide for days after: in fact, they were SO good i'm going for another dose tonight, when they play at Metro.
Might try and reign in the partying a little tonight though, I managed to get trollied last night after going out for beers post-footy. Should have won the game, but hey-ho, the season's still young and we've got a run of games coming up to rival Man U's easy start to the season.
Lots of coding going on for the website project, the streams should be ready by the middle of the week, i'm really looking forward to seeing how it works (and keeping my fingers crossed that it actually does work) I'll post the mailout of links eithr a little bit later, or tomorrow morning.

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