Monday, November 20, 2006

And I also think I should let it be known...

That my little blog had its third birthday at the weekend :))
While we're on the subject of the weekend, here's the mailout for the downloads of the week, as featured on Sunday's show:

Hurrah! Sunday is here once again. and that means........downloads!
Where shall we start? How about something that is GUARANTEED to put a smile on your face? OK then , here's the original version of "I Fought The Law"
Killer selection of remixes, the Gossip re-rub courtesy of Soulwax is a particular highlight....
And while we're doing remixes: Captain get the DFA treatment :)))))
One of the best new bands around are The Hidden Cameras....check 'em out here:
Hmmmm. Odd post raving about the return of the McRib (bleeeee), but giving us some live Pavement, from Reading in 1994. Ho hum.
Oh yes! This is what the weekend is all about.....a HUGE slice of funk!
One of the most influential bands of the 80's (and one that's often overlooked) The Cocteau Twins....
"Sugar Hiccup" is here:
(As well as a nice gohome productions mashup "Velvet Sugar")
...and still on that "Overlooked 80's" thing.....let's celebrate the return of the Sugarcubes shall we?
Britpop? you want Britpop? OK, not just Blur and Oasis, but Blur and Oasis and Travis Live :))))))
great post promising to make your wishes come true, and giving you some wishes in return ( that's a big YES for Pink Floyd, and an exasperated NO for Phil Collins)
OK, time for some kitsch brilliance, forgive me..........
this post is just the sort of thing I think we should see more of on the net....go see a gig, then review it online, with handy MP3's from the artists involved. Rah!!!!
So....CSS/1990's/Rogers Sisters
Right, here's a mixed bag of quality stuff (Joanna Newson, Depeche Mode, Rufus Wainwright, the AMAZING Silversun Pickups, Iggy Pop, death Cab and more)
And I think we should end by going off on a tangent.....Legendary drummer Buddy Rich brings it all to a close.
Enjoy :))))))
Actually, just before I go.........this link won't stay up for long, so enjoy it while you's THE WHOLE FILM of "Cars" (The pixar thing....) on google video :))))))))))))))
As ever, more in seven days time.

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