Sunday, October 01, 2006

Right, it's update time....

First off, how's the new template? I'd had the old one for a while, just thought it would be nice to change...
I'm one year older now (birthday last Friday) so I'm still feeling a little fragile..
And the highlight of my week? This video (and a couple of other songs too, check the "related" section) being posted on Youtube. I'll let you all into a little secret: I've actually dreamt about finding early-Ultravox rarities before, so seeing this footage at last has been a revelation, I'm the happiest anorak in the world. The songs actually predate the first album, and "TV Orphan" metamorphosed into "Fear In The Western World" on album number two "ha!-ha!-ha!" (the title was subsumed into the lyrics and some chord changes remain as well)
For anyone else out there with an Ultravox! itch they may wish to scratch: Torque Point.
It's a lovely sunny afternoon now, after a morning which brought stormy, squally rain to the streets of West London. Literally, as a matter of fact, the M4 was flooded and the traffic round Hammersmith was apocalyptically bad as a result. I should know, I was stuck in a 220 bus at the time. Bah.

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Paul Groovy said...

I've got a poster advertising Ultravox! at Portsmouth Poly in 77,signed by them all.
Its yours if you want it.
Paul Groovy