Monday, September 25, 2006


I appear to be getting a bit of a cold. Oh well, must soldier on...
It's a sultry afternoon in London, i'm currently recharging itunes: on the positive side for once, the new version of itunes actually seems to be better than the preceding version. The new one has a function where you can rummage through all your albums by flicking through the covers; it's a quaintly retro little feature, but great nonetheless.
Here's my mate Mike's daughter Lulu, singing Abba: how cute is she?
Here's my favourite tech-gadget of the moment......
As a sort of farewell to the summer *looks at the drizzle out of the window* here's a GAZILLION versions of "Girl From Ipanema"
FYI, I went to Ipanema beach, it was lovely. Then, at night when the tide came in, the beach was covered in used condoms, dead fish and syringes :(((((((((((((((
Oh, this is fascinating me at the moment, be careful in those internet forums, people.....

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