Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another weekend zooms by....

Friday was International Hi-Fi at the Academy, and Saturday was Chelsea v. Charlton followed by Charlie's birthday party at The Purple Turtle. How many people can celebrate by having Nick Oliveri sing them "happy birthday" ? Not many, i'll wager. Also managed to get some pinball action for the first time in absolutely ages; it was an absolute pleasure to brush up on my flipper transfers.
Today, as ever on a Sunday, brought some relaxation, some siesta time, and some cooking: squid with fresh chilli, barbequed whole trout and some king prawn skewers. Now, replete, i'm contemplating sleep and finishing the last of the Riesling.
Oh, here's the latest on Lonelygirl15. The plot thickens.

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Nick said...

Pinball tips inna "all your base are belong to us" stylee - perfect!