Monday, September 25, 2006

The listening booth..... Posted by Picasa

Here's the "used" section of the the front a Slam City Skates blank deck from 1992, behind it (L-R) a Skull Skates Duane Peters with indys and bullets, a mini Lance Mountain "future primitive", a Bryan Pennington and a Powell Peralta Caballero "Mask" with indys and G-Bones... Posted by Picasa

On the left, Beadle "Hi-Torquer" complete, on the right...NHS Lucero "Red Cross" with G&S chromoly trucks and slimeballs..... Posted by Picasa

Haven't done any quiver stuff for a while have I? On the left, G&S Doug Smith "Bomb", Aggro Trackers, 62mm Santa Cruz Bullets..on the right, Birdhouse Willy Santos, some new-school trucks whose name escapes me, Serial Killer wheels (Manson!) Posted by Picasa


I appear to be getting a bit of a cold. Oh well, must soldier on...
It's a sultry afternoon in London, i'm currently recharging itunes: on the positive side for once, the new version of itunes actually seems to be better than the preceding version. The new one has a function where you can rummage through all your albums by flicking through the covers; it's a quaintly retro little feature, but great nonetheless.
Here's my mate Mike's daughter Lulu, singing Abba: how cute is she?
Here's my favourite tech-gadget of the moment......
As a sort of farewell to the summer *looks at the drizzle out of the window* here's a GAZILLION versions of "Girl From Ipanema"
FYI, I went to Ipanema beach, it was lovely. Then, at night when the tide came in, the beach was covered in used condoms, dead fish and syringes :(((((((((((((((
Oh, this is fascinating me at the moment, be careful in those internet forums, people.....

Monday, September 18, 2006

Nick, this one's for you.....

Bashment meets the Surfaris (eeeeeeep!)
And for everyone else, believe it or not, the new Siobhan Donaghy (ex-Sugababes) single is one of the records of the year.....

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another weekend zooms by....

Friday was International Hi-Fi at the Academy, and Saturday was Chelsea v. Charlton followed by Charlie's birthday party at The Purple Turtle. How many people can celebrate by having Nick Oliveri sing them "happy birthday" ? Not many, i'll wager. Also managed to get some pinball action for the first time in absolutely ages; it was an absolute pleasure to brush up on my flipper transfers.
Today, as ever on a Sunday, brought some relaxation, some siesta time, and some cooking: squid with fresh chilli, barbequed whole trout and some king prawn skewers. Now, replete, i'm contemplating sleep and finishing the last of the Riesling.
Oh, here's the latest on Lonelygirl15. The plot thickens.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Coolest video clip of the week.....

Is Everyday, by Noah K....a photo everyday for six years. It's part of a work in progress, he intends to do this every single day of his life.
More info here; including a myspace link to the music :)

Best New Band in the world....

At the moment is Born Ruffians......
Download these two tracks and you'll see what I mean, the first ("This sentence....") is nothing short of GODLIKE.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The end of another weekend....

Kicked off with a DJ set at First Friday, which was a blast (as ever) Still great to see everyone go APESHIT for that Arctic Monkeys remix; but also gratifying to watch the dancefloor go loopy for Jamie T, The Klaxons and Polysics.
Saturday? Well, slightly hungover, as you might expect. Then watched England beat Andorra and slept it all off.
Today was the first of my Sunday shows that I made a conscious effort to think outside the box a bit more and mix things up a little. This will be be a continuing process, so keep listening.
Tonight? Rabbit stew, crushed new potatoes and a glass of Shiraz.
Just the one, mind.