Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Life goes on....

But i've got to say, that news about Martin has made me so very very miserable. I'll miss his smile, his honesty and his presence in so many ways.
Anyway.....Zutons last night at KCLSU, great venue (if a little smoky) and a great night out.
You know, i've been doing this blog for AGES now and i've never ever posted any tunes up, so I thought I should rectify things. So, here's Bonjay covering "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs over the South Rakkas Crew's "Bionic Ras" riddim. Wonderful. Enjoy.

Bonjay "Maps"

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Kevin Wignall said...

Hey Iain, always sad and a little shocking when someone of your own gen goes. Too bad.

Great idea about having mp3s on here - you could give stereogum a run for his money, and maybe start working up some material of your own to put on here (do it, Iain, do it now!).

As for the tune, nice in a flat eric kind of way. Download speed was bobbins though - what's that all about.