Sunday, April 09, 2006

Full of food........

Of Eton mess, to be absolutely precise.
A nice Sunday today...As ever, full of sound ("Some Justice" by Urban Shakedown), taste (Roast Chicken and the above pudding) and that Sunday siesta that means so much to me. I'm sure I was a sloth in a previous life;or at the very least, some sort of dormouse. The rain is now tapping gently on the roof of the conservatory (a few hours ago it was a deluge) and the TV is bibbling to itself in the background. The Pinot Noir is empty, the fire is down to its embers, the rose incense cones are dust in the hearth, the cat is sound asleep on it's blanket. I have a glass of Strega to soothe my soul and a copy of this upstairs to lull me to sleep. I hope your weekend brought similar joys. I'll bid you goodnight.

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