Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kooks last night...

Great gig, nice guys...and an audience full of friends. Maximum thanks to Luke and John at Marmalade for hooking me up with a new deck, it's totally sweet, nice concave, 9" wide (so it's got that crucial old-school flavour I crave) about 32" long, squared-off tail.....nice one! I'll be loading it up over the next couple of weeks, pics as soon as I do.
Been listening to this lot almost constantly over the last few days...check the video for "Fraud in the 80's" GENIUS.
Oh, here's some childishness :)
And someone who is obviously menkle. (Help! what if it is TRUE?)
Right, off to work.......


skillz said...

Had a little to Mates of State, they sound pretty good! Definitely worth further investigation. Musically I've been stuck in the near-past, too much My Vitriol, Wildhearts and (don't judge me) Firehouse.

mr hazabaza said...

those marmalade dudes boards look wicked you lucky lucky fella!
Went skateboarding in exhibition park (newcastle) last sunday morning (early to avoid kids) took your old skateboard around the bowl a few times.
first time Ive ever skated anything but flat or slightly sloped
magic adrenelin rush loved it
was too wet for wheels to grip properly though... that was rough

iain said...

My old board? Cool! which one?

mr hazabaza said...

its got a big white elephant on it (ecosse i think) and its got a cracking flourorange slam city sticker on it too
still runs smoother than silk