Tuesday, January 17, 2006

As a resource for bootlegs and mash-ups...

This is pretty close to perfection.
Been searching for details about the re-releases of the Triffids albums on Domino...."Calenture" is up on itunes, but no sign of it anywhere else.Anyone know anything? I need some glorious melancholia, and believe me, I need it NOW.
*edit* Oh, they were out on the 17th. Why nothing on the Domino site, then?

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tracy said...

*clicky.. bookmarked* oo that is very useful. Thanks Iain, Thain (sorry Look Around You stuck in my brain now). Talking of mash I do rather like Scumbag Told Me http://www.arcticmonkeys-remixed.com/
I've always wanted to mash Prince's Kiss with Gorillaz Dare..I'm lacking the ability (and time) though.