Thursday, November 10, 2005

Last night then....

First of all, The Upper Room... Hugely confident and assured, brimming with tunes ("kill, kill, kill" is particularly good). They remind me a little of The Big Dish, which will probably mean nothing to anyone, but hey ho. A little tweaking here and there, but they'll be big, I'm sure.
Lowgold. What's to say? What an incredible gig: hugely moving (as ever) powerful (there was a moment in "Mercury" where Dan plays that choppy solo that took my breath away completely) and as ever, charming and funny. Dan attempted to introduce a song by saying: "This next song is about the very real and profound link between religion and mental illness....and it's called....." and then pulled a spazz face. Totally bizarre, I couldn't stop laughing. Let's repeat that, shall we? I couldn't stop laughing...And this from a band who are the only band who've moved me to tears in the last ten years ( happened again last night, twice)
It's a little difficult to explain how much I love Lowgold without resorting to hyperbole, but let me just say this: whenever I see them, I'm always about *this* close to getting them to sign articles of clothing and turning into the fanboy from hell. That wave of enthusiasm never abates; it's a nice feeling to have. They're a band who remind me why I love music: that's why I love them.

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