Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blimey, what a week.

Tuesday was The Boy Least Likely To at the SBE: it was actually a rather proud moment, I've loved them since their first gigs and it was wonderful to see them onstage at such a big venue-more than that, it was great to see them so confident and assured. The future's theirs.
Wednesday, I DJ-ed at the Daily Mail Ski show, fun (though rather odd) and great to bump into Christian again, our paths have crossed many times in the past, and it's always nice to see him.
Thursday was another DJ gig, this time back in Brighton at the University of Sussex at Falmer..Top night, rounded it off with "Eye of The Tiger" (yes, I had been drinking)
Friday, back to the SBE to see Brendan Benson: great gig (fourth time I've seen him in the last few months) and a top crowd to boot. Brendan's (relative) lack of success has always rankled somewhat, but the last few gigs have shown that his fanbase is swelling and becoming more committed: he's approaching some sort of tipping point, when people will finally have to sit up and listen. About time too.
Saturday. Some day.
Started late (slightly hungover) and after a hearty breakfast headed off to Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea stuff Bolton 5-1. The second half contained ten of the most exciting football minutes it's ever been my privilege to witness: certainly the best at the bridge since we came back from 2-0 down to beat Liverpool 4-2 in the FA cup. Left the Bridge on a real high.
Then it was off to Brixton for Xfm's Big Night Out!
Mad night...So many people (4,500!!) and hardly any opportunity to meet any of the friends who I knew were in the audience *sighs*. I left Brixton in the middle of the night and caught a cab to ULU to do it all over again, DJing till the early hours.
And here we are then: at the end of all the madness, back in Brighton with a glass of wine and and belly full of spaghetti with meatballs. I've spent the day wrapped up in a CD of demos that a friend gave me on Saturday night: their lyricism and beauty has kept my soul from slipping into ennui and lethargy.


Adam said...

Talking of you DJing, are the "Xfm talent" playing down here at Exeter Uni sometime in November??
I hope so :)

iain said...

I'm not sure....would love to, though: the last DJ set I did in Exeter, with the Delays, was a fantastic night out :)