Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's a Sunday...And it feels like it.

The rain is coming down and the sky is slate grey. Back in Brighton for the weekend: I get the feeling that tonight might have to see me cooking some sort of comforting roast dinner *makes shopping list*
Chelsea Villa yesterday (we won 2-1) then a train back home reading every paper I could lay my hands on. Today I was going to investigate how to overwrite an old hard drive so I can finally get rid of an old desktop PC that's been thrown in a cupboard for years:turns out to wipe and overwrite could take several passes: each pass taking up to 12 hours.
*goes to shed, looks for BIG HAMMER*

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Kevin Wignall said...

Iain, if you simply want to clean it up so you can pass it on, you should be able to reformat the hard drive with relative ease - I think, though I can't remember for sure, that you use your recovery disk.
If, otoh, you want to be sure it's "clean" before discarding it, there's one failsafe method - put it in the bath. Trust me, this is a fed-proof way of wiping the hard drive.