Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Back in Brighton for the night....

And am replete after a serious carbonara. I have a bottle of Sol and my cat curled up on my lap. How's today been? Odd, really. Felt great for the first half of it, then a wave of anger washed over me..Took until about 3pm for it to vanish. Finally got a promo copy of the Arctic Monkeys single...I know it's going to sound like sour grapes; but some of the magic of the demos is missing: the febrile energy and the insouciant swagger has been replaced by a businesslike grind. There's still time of course: this is the first of many..And their confidence will increase once the light of recognition shines upon them with full beams. However, it was the outsider stance of those early demos that appealed so much; will it still be there once they have a big deal in place? Once they have money to pay bills, sort their lives out? So many of the songs seem to concern themselves with what it's like to get the flick from the bouncers in a nightclub queue; this, patently, is going to change....And change for ever. What's next?


David E. Patton said...

you said that a wave of anger washed over you but didnt say why or what was the cause of it, well it happen sometime and then its gone. I'm an American poet who is trying to find out if my poetry can stand up across cultural lines and you can help me with this buying visiting my poetry site and letting me know what you think. Please feel free to jump around the site and leave a comment anywhere within
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Thank You

Adam said...

Next it'll be rappers rapping about growing up in the American Ghetto, but freeing themselves thier families and thier homies from a life of street crime and turf wars, which they will still rap about doing on their 4th album which is made, produced and marketed from their home in Beverly Hills.
Imagine that.