Friday, July 08, 2005

Where to start?

It's been an odd week. A week of extremes. Wednesday saw the lunching cabal meet once more: Johnny, Kevin, Richard and myself went for a splendid lunch at Sheekey's then repaired to the Hospital for post-prandial entertainment. As ever, a wonderful day, in the company of great friends. Then Thursday arrived.
I felt very depressed yesterday; as anyone who knows me will (hopefully) attest, I am fuelled by optimism and enthusiasm. When hope in Human Nature is lost, I flag somewhat. However, it's back to business today. Not in any "Blitz Spirit" sense, just business as usual. Usual, that's what I need. I hope today finds you well, safe and happy.

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Kevin Wignall said...

Iain, as you know, I was in Monmouth Street on Thursday morning and yes, it was a weird day, particularly after the hilarity of Wednesday. But likewise, what impressed me wasn't any kind of blitz spirit, more of a "we can take this in our stride, we're bigger than this" kind of spirit, from people of all nationalities. All will be well.