Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Last night, inter alia, I was doing some proper deep-level mining of the interspazz and managed to tick a couple of tunes off my list of long-term musical "wants"
  1. The Popticians. A wonderful comedic outfit featuring John Hegley, i've been searching for these two tracks (both sides of a single, originally broadcast as a Peel session) for about 20 years. Last year, I finally found a copy of the single- took it home and played it: it jumped. I was almost resigned to another 20 years of digging in the crates...
  2. Intaferon. Another one of their 3 singles (the last, "Baby Pain")turned up on the excellent Lost Bands of the New Wave Era mp3 blog recently- and the first ("Getoutoflondon") is, amazingly, available on the soundtrack to a teen flick. This is their second single and as far as I know, the first time it's been online :)

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