Thursday, March 31, 2005

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I think it's high time we had some Strongbad goodness. This one made me laugh out loud more times than is strictly necessary.

Monday, March 28, 2005

I realise that it's a dull Bank Holiday Monday,so I feel that I should at least provide you with some form of entertainment. OK, have this: probably my favourite web game ever. (OK, it's more of a puzzle, but it's stunning, nonetheless)
So, that's the price I pay for being an "early adopter", 18 months and then pfft: a totally dead battery. But, as ever, there's a lesson to be learned; mine is that itunes is far more important to me than the ipod. If all the 9000 tunes i've got on my laptop had vanished... i'd be in serious trouble. As is, I just need a new ipod. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Well, that was a busy week or so... DJ-ed all over the place, all of the gigs different and all of them great. Top of the pile has to be Razzmatazz in Barcelona, playing to a packed room at 4 in the morning! It's one of the best clubs I've been to in my life, utter hedonism and a totally up-for-it crowd. Also played at Hooga, which gave me the opportunity to mix it up a little, played everything from old rocksteady to hardcore in the space of a couple of hours...Then there was the Krazyhouse in Liverpool..What was that one like? One word. Carnage. Also played a set at Transmission (which was ROCKING) and gave me the chance to catch up with Jeff, who I haven't seen for years...On top of all that, DJ-ed at the Keane gig, as well as launching the O2 wireless music festival. Fitted some gigs in as well..Notably , last night, Rilo Kiley at the Astoria. Great gig, but an annoyingly short set... Need to see them at a show of their own.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's been quite some time since i've seen a piece of animation as good as this....

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Right then, looks like Christmas is sorted then.
Ooh, this is's my first blog post from a Mac! I'm sitting in the Hospital (that's the club, i've not got a bad nosebleed or anything like that) and relaxing after an early morning voiceover. Macs are truly odd things when you've been used to PC's all of your computing life: it's like driving someone elses car. So, apologies if i crunch the gears.
I'm actually in the library here in the club and can see a copy of John Betjeman's volume of autobiographical prose "Summoned by Bells" looking at me, so I may have to repair to a comfy armchair in a minute and catch up on some culture; hey, it's been a while.