Tuesday, January 18, 2005

This has been making me laugh for the last 48 hours......

So, my weekend. Great, actually; despite me eating for England the entire time. Where the previous weekend was all about Lebanese, Kibby, Halloumi and Hookahs (oi! shut it!) this time it was Mexican food and more pertinantly, Sol beer. I'd forgotten about it really, but it all came back: in 1988, a cold Sol and a slice of lime was beer nirvana. Of course it's status as beer du jour was quickly superseded, in a dazzling blur we all followed every trend there was: we went through Grolsch with it's fancy china stoppers, giant cans of Sapporo with tops which completely removed to form a silver pint, Corona, Rolling Rock, you name it. The craze for Sol was forgotten as a welter of beer trends swarmed around us for the next five years. But it's worth noting that before Sol, choice was really limited: bottled beer meant Holsten Pils, or Light Ale. Sol was the first, and it's nice to give it some props.

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