Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Today is soundtracked by one song: "I Apologise" by Husker Du, from "New Day Rising" (clips here). There's something wonderfully unspoken about them: half the time I've no idea what Bob or Grant are bellowing over that shining river of noise, but it doesn't matter. Listening to a song like "I Apologise", you just understand. There's an emotional connection to the power and the melody that shoots the underlying ideas straight to your synapses.
On a related note, Bob Mould now has his own weblog. He seems happy, content, doesn't wallow in Husker nostalgia and devotes a lot of his musical energy to dance music. I love it when people transfer their initial excitement for music along a steady stream of genres across the years, instead of letting it fester where it first bloomed. Proof of this for me came a couple of weeks ago at the Streets session at Neighbourhood. I was talking to Ben Watt in the DJ booth, telling him how much I'd always loved "North Marine Drive", whilst trying to make myself heard over the ridiculously banging Drum'n'Bass I was playing...

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