Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Up in the Air
Last night was pop quiz night at The Eagle back in Brighton (We came 4th). Got overly sousled, seeing as Cambpell was back from his tour of Dohar. All this meant that today's train journey was a little bit...strange. Everything seemed to be in cinemascope, widescreen images filling my eyes. It was all about the tunes and the planes. Passing Gatwick, a lovely old DC 10 freighter roared overhead, close enough to see the tread on its tyres: momentarily, a faint whiff of jet fuel rushed through the train. Tune at that moment? Wim Mertens "A Tiel Leis". Then, as we approached Clapham Junction, a BA 747 started to roll into a low G turn over Crystal Palace, sunlight glinting off its fuselage. Tune? "Barcode Bypass" by The Mull Historical Society. Then, lastly, another 747, hung suspended in the air over the Thames, framed by the towers of Battersea Power Station. Tune? Nick Drake "Hanging on a Star"

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