Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Idiot Box

If I'm thinking about change then there's one way that I've totally, completely changed. I never watch TV any more. This evening, I sat down, on my own (Philippa was off at a "Gym Parents" open evening) and turned on the television. I'd taped nothing that I wanted to see. I scrolled through the Sky movies. Netflix. The planner, the TV guide.
There were times when I'd watch soaps, or sports. Films, comedy, maybe just Sky News. Now? I need that big black box less, and less. It's not that I've replaced TV with other media - I don't watch endless youtube videos, or torrent the latest series.
In fact, in a world seemingly ruled by new entertainment series - I've withdrawn almost totally. I've never watched The Wire, of Mad Men, Or Game Of Thrones, or the Walking Dead.
My life now has nothing episodic about it, so I suppose that's reflected in the entertainment I do choose.
The music I love, the food I cook. The children I'm bringing up.
Bye, telly. It's been fun.

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