Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Welcome back....

I spent Monday night at the Islington Academy, watching Lowgold. It's been almost 8 years since I first saw them play (at the garage, supporting Wheat) and two years since their last show (it's in the archives!) I can vividly remember the sense of wonder when I first saw Lowgold, and that sense of wonder has never dimmed; if anything, it's become stronger and more resolute with every passing year. I've said this before, but they are, without doubt, my favourite British band of the last 10 years, and it would seem I'm not alone in my opinions. The crowd was larger than two years ago, and even more appreciative. The set they played on Monday was nothing short of jaw-dropping, and, bizarrely, could have been drawn up in response to someone asking me: "tell me, which songs would you MOST like Lowgold to play?" It consisted of all my favourite tunes they've ever done, with the possible exception of "Back Here Again" and "Can't Say No". I'm not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes on a number of occasions (notably on "Let Me Into Yours")
What was especially pleasing to see, was the positive reception given to tracks off the new CD "Promise Lands". "Burning Embers" in particular, sounded immense, and left me slightly dumb-struck.

For all of you who fancy a trip down memory lane, here's the video to "Beauty Dies Young":

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I'm off to listen to the new CD....again :)


Anonymous said...

Apart from shouty twats!
Brilliant to see them back.Bought the new album at the gig but not allowed to hear it until today (2nd) as my 2 sproglets sre to give to me as a birthday pressie. It will not disappoint having listened to the new tracks on 'puter and at gig.
They need the credit. A truly good and honest band, I love 'em to bits!
P.S. Did look for you but alas next time maybe and I'll get you a fresh beer!

iain said...

what a gig eh? And you're going to love the new CD, the first 5 tracks are just amazing.....