Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Feeling fragile, but happy.

Fragile? Because Andy and I were out on a bit of a large one last night, fulminating over our progress on Shadowglobe so far, musing on the voting process and generally putting the world to rights. However, today I feel absolutely shocking, it has to be said.

Happy? Because I got myself a copy of the reissue of "Jerky Versions Of The Dream" by Howard Devoto. It's been one of my favourite albums since its release in 1983, I spent most of my first time at University wandering around Lancaster town centre, listening to it on my Walkman. It's mix of woozy melodies and incisive lyrics still sound great today, despite the production being draped in a none-more-80's sheen of synth washes and Linn drums. It was only briefly available on CD in the early 90's, then rapidly deleted (copies fetched anything up to £150 on eBay) and it's re-release has been dogged by problems: it was due to be released at the same time as the batch of Magazine Cd's that emerged earlier this year, but legal wrangling meant it took another few months before it arrived on the shelves. Hurrah! I'm listening to it now as I type this, and it's the salve that my drunken soul needs.
And......the video for "Rainy Season", the albums lead-off single (and one of the greatest pop songs of all time) is on youtube! It's worth noting that the video keeps getting pulled, so watch it while can :

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