Monday, July 09, 2007

Ah, what a great weekend........

Had a wonderful time at the Sutton With Shopland Festival (more about that when I can post up the photos) and spent a sunny Sunday morning travelling back to London with the following song in my ears: "Nature's Way" By Spirit, from the album "The Seven Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus"

One of the more interesting areas of development on Youtube in recent months has been its use as a place to "host" music by proxy. Whereas in the past it was more likely you'd find an old music video or live performance by the band you were searching for, now the content frequently manifests itself in videos which may be no more complicated than 3 minutes of a turntable playing a record: the payoff, of course, is that it's the record you want to hear.
It happens with rare dance vinyl, old-school hardcore, ska and rocksteady (lots of great footage of old scratchy Doctor Bird 7"s) and more besides.
Initially, it would seem to defeat the object of a video-sharing network, if the videos aren't really worth watching, but that would be missing the point. People are now using Youtube to get content across: it doesn't really have to fit the actual medium.

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