Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I love it when people fire off a great rant.......

Even more so when it's pertinent, well thought out and debunks every myth about having to buy new technology just for the sake of it.
Stop buying products that serve any other master than you.
Related: Don't bother with the iphone, either.
Today has been, if I'm honest, a singularly depressing sort of a day. The weather is closing in over my head; slate-grey and silver clouds teem with fat droplets of dirty rain, the roads are like shiny black snakes, squirming their oily curves beneath the river of cars trying to avoid the western limits of the congestion zone. Work is a tightrope walk between the technical back-end and the brand-management of the on-air strategy and I'm finding it hard to stifle my sighs.

Friday, February 23, 2007

More on Hilary Clinton....

(FYI: she's been using "RHRN" as a campaign song)
Hilary Finds Jesus (Jones)
Other things that've been keeping me interested this week........
What do you think is the interesting thing about this young lady?
Well, she's not real, that's what. Completely computer-generated. Unbelievable.

This is where I'm heading.
And here is the absolute motherlode of cat photos: including all you could ever want from the "Here I am, _______ in Ur ________, __________ Ur _________" meme
And for all of those who are still confused, here's the mighty MeFi on the same topic

Other stuff that's been going on this week....well, there was an Idlewild session in Islington on Tuesday night; I was struck by just HOW GOOD they were: after the last gig I saw them play (at the Shepherds Bush Empire) which was shockingly bad. The gig this week was chock-full of louche charm, a swaggering selection of all their hits, and a cautious bonhomie with the crowd that was really endearing. The new album is great AND they're involved in a collaborative poetry album project at the moment as well: was there ever a strategy LESS designed to get in the NME? For that reason alone, they deserve your undying love.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


It's been way too long, i've been lazy, I know.
In my defence, it's all been kicking off at Westway towers since the start of this new year; there's loads of things up in the air, lots of possibilities floating around in the ether, i'm just waiting for a little crystallisation.
Sorry to be so vague, but you'll know more soon, I hope.
One of the things that HAS been occupying my time is Middle Age Shred; it's a web-site and forum for old skaters like me: it's great to know there's a like-minded group of people whose legs ache like mine, who crave wider boards and old-school moves....
I've also got myself sorted out with a USB turntable, so i'll do my best to post up some of the tracks i've ripped from vinyl :)
What was the first thing I ripped? "Jack And Jill" by Victims Of Pleasure. It's an old piece of 80's synth-pop featuring Virginia astley on piano......
So, what's happening today? Well, i've re-jigged one of my old set-ups: I've changed the trucks on my Doug Smith "Bomb" from aggro Trackers to indy 159's. I'd like 169's, but there a nightmare to get for a board with old-school mounting patterns...
Whatever, the board'll now ride like a dream, so i'm going to introduce it to the seafront a little later on.......