Monday, October 30, 2006

OK people....

It's been a while.......and i'm not even sure if you've missed me.......
But what have I been doing? A list of gigs as long as your arm....some DJ-ing, some voiceovers,
But mostly watching this video.
Is that not the greatest thing ever? Fatha Rodigan still believing, still repping the UK after all these years......there's a lesson in there for us all.
Also, there's a clear demonstration about what tunes to play and when: drop the big ones at the right over.
On the youtube tip as well: it's hard not to be impressed with someone who's "too handsome to live" and it's also well worth knowing that there's other nerds out there too........and while we're at it: check out the accuracy for that video.........
But, at the end of the day, i've been doing a lot of this.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This another one of those times when the Jez tells us one of those "Rucksack Killer" stories (FYI, his most legendary tale ever was trying to conince us that a killer stalked Australians by posing as a rucksack, attaching himself to their backs and.......oh, do I have to go on?) .Typical reactions from Keys and Drums. Posted by Picasa

Don, G-Blood, T-Bone (Drums) Febake. The Bushranger, Goldhawk road. Posted by Picasa

In an advanced state of relaxation and refreshment : The Hospital, Covent Garden. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Right, it's update time....

First off, how's the new template? I'd had the old one for a while, just thought it would be nice to change...
I'm one year older now (birthday last Friday) so I'm still feeling a little fragile..
And the highlight of my week? This video (and a couple of other songs too, check the "related" section) being posted on Youtube. I'll let you all into a little secret: I've actually dreamt about finding early-Ultravox rarities before, so seeing this footage at last has been a revelation, I'm the happiest anorak in the world. The songs actually predate the first album, and "TV Orphan" metamorphosed into "Fear In The Western World" on album number two "ha!-ha!-ha!" (the title was subsumed into the lyrics and some chord changes remain as well)
For anyone else out there with an Ultravox! itch they may wish to scratch: Torque Point.
It's a lovely sunny afternoon now, after a morning which brought stormy, squally rain to the streets of West London. Literally, as a matter of fact, the M4 was flooded and the traffic round Hammersmith was apocalyptically bad as a result. I should know, I was stuck in a 220 bus at the time. Bah.

The playroom has a new addition: 1920's Bluthner baby grand: isn't she a beauty? Posted by Picasa