Wednesday, May 17, 2006

*points down*

OK, so the photo didn't work....i'm not sure why*. It's the cover of "Skateboard!" issue 19, early 1979, John Sablosky doing an invert at (I think) Arrow skatepark in Wolverhampton. Riding a Sablosky Deck (obv.) with Indy's and Benjy Boots. I'm really coming round to doing some sort of essay on the way the front covers of the mag show how the craze lived and died over an 18-month period. I realise it'll be of no interest to abso-fucking-lutely (Tmesis!!!!!!!) anyone except me, but I don't care. Watch this space.
*I'm sure nobody cares, but if you head here and do some digging, you may find it.


Bartsimpsonhead said...

Hey Iain,

Skateboarding oldies?!?

Your probably already aware of this site, but if not you might find it interesting...



iain said...

cool site, nice one!

mr hazabaza said...

is a set of photos my mate took of your old board
still running smooth as silk
and I still can't ollie
do Gorilla jumps count these days?

Anonymous said...

If you're an old Benjyboards fan you might like to see some of this stuff: